I need your thoughts

I check the ph daily and adjust accordingly it’s not bugs. The streaks start from birth. I’ve only noticed it since I started using advanced nutrients. It was on previous plants caused no issues just looks odd.


Thrips was just a thought but I’m pretty sure that’s ph fluctuations I use to use advanced and it did the same for me which is why I switched to floraflex which is truly ph stable but I can only tel you what I see when I switched that stopped and I run the troll master environment system that sends me ph of my res under advanced at different times of the day it would be different but stayed within range and my plant leaves got that now it’s no more


Thanks for confirming. I figured it was their nutes. I only started getting the streaks when I started using them.

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Yep you gotta go at least half strength, many times I go 1/4 strength. And I too am switching over to flora flex nutes. Love that it’s in powder form and you don’t need much to go a long way. :joy::+1::v:


I looked up the flora flex how does it work exactly. V1 and v2 does it include calmag and additives or are they not needed?

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There is a feeding schedule on the site. You can mix the parts differently for desired strength.

They have their own cal/mag as well but these nutrients are designed for cannabis especially coco or rockwool

So I can’t use it for my hydro??

Sure you could. It’s nutes in powder form. :100: % water-soluble. Just mix your additives first, then nutes, then ph :joy::joy::+1::v:


Rockwool and coco are hydro


Day 30 Update

Durban Poison

Day 30 Fantasmo Express aka my mutant

Day 11 Dark Purple


Is the white on the pebbles from you or is that salt build up? That could be the problem: do you reuse the pebbles?

Those are new pebbles that’s just how they dried under the light.

What are your temps in the res and in the tent?

Only those few dried like that are the others are normal.

My water temp is 66f my tent is 75f lights off 85f light on.

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The new setup and light took care of all my heat issues. Hopefully they dont get too tall.

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Have you been adjusting your light??

I haven’t adjusted it yet. I’m waiting on the seedling to get bigger. I started out with the light 30in above not it’s at 22in will adjust to 30 again soon.

I would drop it down to 80-81 … 85 might cause airy buds in flower