I need feedback

how is she’s looking right now? Should I continue the veg stage?


I wouldnt. She will shoot up big time you can see already.

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Cool. Didn’t really know. I have counted 10 bud sites already. So should I wait til this day is over to go into transition or go ahead and force into transition now @Todd.grobo @Osage @Stephen

Leave it be. Why rush rush rush.?

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I asked because of your comment saying you wouldn’t stay in the veg stage

I wouldnt extend your grow. Leave her be. At fhat height already youll have an amazing main coala if you dont burn it.

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Ok understood and noted thanks @Todd.grobo

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I really wouldnt. She looks great. Id hate for you to cut her

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That thing is gonna be tall. Just let the grobo do its thing. Later on defoliate and lollipop your plant in order to yield as much as possible