I’m so frustrated

So this week Grobo can take my money and ship about 2500 dollars worth of product but zero employees are answering phones, tickets, or responding here.

I feel so much buyers repose. The app is in a constant calibration loop for my Grobo premium, the app won’t cancel the calibration, I have a Grobo start I want use as well and I can’t get it connected to the app.

I followed the directions perfectly and dumped the chemicals so I can’t even try close this calibration loop.

I have parts that are falling off the Grobo, non of the cable ties came attached to box, zero stuck on any of them. The water shield doesn’t fit in the tank in any way, there are giant deformities to the glass door, looks like someone spilled oil all over it and stained the glass.

I just wish someone from Grobo would talk to me.

It’s crazy that a whole company is closed right now.

Did I get scammed?


We are all in the same boat. Take a seat, cross your fingers and hope for the best.

Btw, the Grobo Start does not connect to anything. It’s just a light with a timer.

Sorry friend I have been dealing with this and so much more now and tbh, my paranoid imagination is getting the best of me.

Hoping this is all just bad timing and poor communication but it is sure starting to feel like something else…



I feel you. My Grobo 3 will not calibrate anything either. It just came yesterday and now I have 3 Grobos and 2 I cant even use.

FWIW, I talked to someone and no matter what Grobos terms or refund policy is, if this is not working correctly in 30 days, you CAN get your money back. You can’t sell something, say no returns, then it never works. 30 days.

I too and totally frustrated with the Grobo Gen 2.
Water and chemicals all over my floor TWICE.
I am done!!!

This is too bad. It seems that all of the Grobo 2’s were dysfunctional. Did anyone get theirs to work? I did receive a wire to potentially fix the random drain issue so maybe that’s a good sign but who knows when that was actually sent. No word from the company and the website is sold out of products…

I thought I finally had mine working, then noticed the fan not working right, then later the air pump is not working either. Then it would not do a drain and fill??? I stopped using it and it is unplugged.

Mine is working perfectly fine! Hope I don’t jinx it! I would be upset like all of u as well. Without support on most gen 2 issues there’s no one else u can get help from as most of the bugs I had at the beginning needed support to handle it on their end.