I’m flower need some advice

I am 11 days into flower (extended veg 3 weeks) and my plant has had a great recovery from the last incident. Is there anything I should be doing to improve yield? Also one of the branches is almost touching the light and the tips on most of my leaves appear burnt/brown. What should I do ?


Remove somw of the mid level fan leaves to allow more light to penetrate and remove branches at the bottom not near the top and then add a week to the stage for recovery time of you remove lower branches too


looks great otherwise


I removed all of the fan leaves that didn’t have try combs near them and didn’t have any pistols coming out of them. Also any leaf that was covering up a bud because I had the exact same problem that you’re dealing with right now last week. I’m going to send you a picture when I was seven days into flowering as opposed to 13 days now after I got rid of most of the leaves.


What do I do if my plant is touching the light ?

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Push tbe pod in

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Try tying something loosely to your stock and then tie it off somewhere away from the light. The branch will naturally curve back towards the light in a matter of hours once you tie it down away from the light.

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