I’m confused about the temperature

Hey guys new grower here and I’m doing the germination process using the water and paper towel method.
I live in New York and I wasn’t sure if the temperature here is too cold for her to pop?!?
I mean she dropped to the bottom of the cup so I’m guessing she was ready for the next step…
Appreciate any advice you have and thank you!

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Your doing fine! She will pop real soon. I live in Michigan and don’t have a issue with weather when it comes to germinating if that helps.
Some seeds may take longer than others.
I don’t try to put my seed in a warm place either, I just plop it in a cup of distilled water over night and when I see a speck of white on the seed I place it face down in the coco pod and start germination.


Thank you so much for your feedback!
Feeling better and reassured :ok_hand:t4:


Temperature will affect it for sure. Try to keep it in a warm place to start, on top of your fridge or in the bathroom with the door closed. I had a seed not pop properly cause it it was a tad too cold, I hadn’t turned on my furnace, this was back in Nov. The warmest spot for me is my bathroom with the door closed, it gets really warm in there. Anyway, I did that and it popped in no time.

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I’m in NY as well, and germinated in the grobo successfully (I’m on Day 8). Full disclosure though, we get great heat in my building so I actually end up having to crack a window to keep the temp in the lower 70s.


Its winter in Michigan and my temps still stay around 72 -73 with two fans inside.
Some locations simply have dryer air than others and mine is very humid.
Temps will be harder to deal with in the coming months.


NY tends to be very cold for seeds :grimacing:





That looks cool.


I live in NY-LI. Four seeds popped, two grobo, two independent (solo run :shushing_face:). Not a big production. But have not had a problem. The grobo germinations were done within the coco pod within the device, independents were plated; all cracked. You should be good. The heating mat works good too.