I just lolly popped my plant and was curious what do you think?

#GirlScoutCookies #Lollipopin The yellow colored pictures are from Monday and the purple ones are from today Saturday the 18th. It’s amazing how many buds weren’t getting away until I trimmed off all the nonsenseimage|375x500


Looks great!

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What do you think of that bud that’s down in the bottom left. Is that thing going to turn into one nugget or is it just filled with leaves.? I left it alone because I thing looks crazy funky in the stem is so fat.

The back left

First thought was how thick is the stem, but if it’s fat I’d leave it could turn into a monster bud

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Thanks bud. That’s what imma do. She was just waking up

earlier but she looks a lot healthier when she’s awake.


Got one of those pineapple Nugs in the front right too.