I can't find my strain in the recipe list! [RESOLVED]

@Stephen I bought some auto flower seeds. The strain is Northern Lights. From what I read over this post I would like to confirm: generic cannabis auto recipe should do the job?

Second question: would using generic auto recipe impact the results? That is to ask; regardless of strain should the yield still be decent? I know it’s a loaded question.


I’m not @Stephen and I’ve been using the generic hybrid recipe and my plant is growing strong as ever … and I also transplanted it from soil so I put the plant through a lot and that recipes seems to be :ok_hand:

I think you will be good @Growya


Thanks @chris_barfield! I appreciate the insight. I found a post by Stephen that said to use the generic recipe, too.

Once the grobo is here I’ll keep everyone posted.

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For those looking. Here is the other post that @Stephen suggests to use generic auto, which is confirmed by @chris_barfield

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Hi growers,

Thanks @Growya for bringing this up. If you have a strain you would like me to make a recipe for, I add them 4 times a year, based upon testing in our lab, seed breeders, seed partners and of course mainly our users requests. (I’m looking at you @chris_barfield :wink: )

Want a recipe to be added? Place your request HERE.
What to do if your recipe isn’t there but you are ready to grow? Select a generic recipe. You can choose from:

Generic Hybrid
Generic Indica
Generic Sativa
Generic Auto

If you are unsure of the genetics the seed you have possesses, I recommend the Generic Hybrid recipe.

Good luck!


@Stephen oh I got some heat for you to add especailly when the clone recipe hits!!! Have access to a bunch of clone only strains from capulator and jungle boys. :ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand::money_mouth_face:

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@Stephen i was wondering if you could add some nepalese recipe’s (i.e nepali kush, and more of the tall growing indica’s)

Thanks so much!







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I wish there was a way to see the recipe schedules in full without applying them for all strains, so we can better guage how much time were gonna need for the seeds we pick out before planting.