Hydroguard Uk

Hi all,

Does anyone know of a suitable replacement for Hydroguard available in the Uk? The only place I can find is on eBay which costs over £80 postage and packing.

Not 100% sure if I need it but slightly concerned about my root with the hot weather we’ve recently been having.

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Right now those roots look great, what a nice tap root. No help on the hydroguard but props on having solid roots in a high temp situation.


Thanks for letting me know. So even if the water temperature is higher than normal I shouldn’t be that worried? I was going to put an ice pack in the reservoir just cool it down slightly, should I not bother?

What are your air and water temps?

As it’s rare for the Uk to be that hot I’ve not got either a water thermometer or a Thermo-Hygrometer. I’ve ordered both today. It was about 28 degrees in the room yesterday and the same today. I’ve got an additional fan in the unit but nothing else at the mo.

That’s hot water then, you want to keep it at or under 21 degrees. I use a cheap and easy water chiller so I don’t have to use hydroguard.

Easy Water Chiller Setup


Great thanks for the advice. Will take a look a bit later.