Hybrid Bruce Banner -21 days w/LST

Baby Bruce seems to be doing good. Im trying some low stress training(LST) because I’m a puss with scissors. This was done with magnetic hooks and elastic chicken trussing string( both less than $10 from Amazon). I think I can also use these items for drying in the future. Hopefully in the short term I’ll have another opportunity to top. A couple of leaves have spotting but I was told this may have been due to splashing old nutrient water on them by accident when hanging up the hose. New leaves seems to be fine. Temps outside have moderated which is helping reduce my constant temp to about 81-83 degrees during the day. IMG_8507


I’m wondering if grobo can design a magnetic lid I’d like to start lst earlier in the grow

@chris_barfield - that we be awesome. I have a feeling we will all want GROBO 2.:laughing:

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You mean the “GroboToo”. Right @bjorn? Right? #ilwant2%

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