Humidity problems?

I’m on my second grow and noticed my humidity is been holding very low despite the normal humidity conditions in the room. The humidity reading in the grobo has been near 25 percent for the first 2 weeks. Compared to the last grow I had this seems very different. I’m growing an autoflower now instead of a photoperiod. Was wondering if this is something being controlled by the units loaded recipe or if I’m missing something. Thanks. Plant looks healthy

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@Radman93 The Grobo device does not have any control or influence over the humidity. You can purchase a humidifier or dehumidifier to help adjust and control the humidity. Generally, during the winter times the humidity is lower.

Aim for a rh% of 50-60% in veg. Less than 50% in flower.


Thanks, I thought it was unusual. I run a humidifier in the room the grobo is located in. The rest of the room is a normal humidity range. The grobo is significantly lower


I dont find temps make such a big deal unless they are extreme one way or the other! :eyes::seedling:


Not concerned about the temperature