Humidity levels help

Anyone have some good ways to get the humidity level up ???


I just got a room humidifier. It actually came in today and I just hooked it up.
Its a 6L unit with wifi app. It was like $48.
I have it in the opposite corner of the room that my grobo is in and the humidity is up already from 24 to 29 for me…


If you are looking to use just household items.
In the same room hang a wet towel on a hanger with a bin under it to collect the drippings.

This should easily raise the RH in the room by 15-20% if the doors are closed.

You can also place a fan blowing towards your grobo with a humidifier in-between them. That should also raise the RH inside your grobo


Or you can always push your grobo closer to the wall that always gets the heat going! :eyes::seedling: