Humidity is rising

My humidity is rising fast since enter flower. How do I lower it forever it’s been 40% Now its 66%. I added 2 small fans to give more air. My leaves are getting wet and wilting. I trimmed a lot for more airflow. Shes just bushy af.

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You might have to get a dehumidifier for the room your unit is in or move it to a dryer location

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As wolf said, get a dehumidifier, you’ll need it more than you think.

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Thank you @Osage :facepunch:t4::sunglasses:

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I dont understand the change it was low 40s late 30s forever

As your plant grows it respires, (breaths) and thus increasing rh in the small space. The further you get towards and into flower the more humidity you will see as the exhaust isn’t very strong in our units. If you aren’t getting enough rh, then conversely, you will need to bring rh levels up by utilizing a humidifier. Pain in the ass sometimes, but that’s just growing, especially if you don’t have precise control of your environment. Hope this helps :+1::v:


I’m going to buy a small room dehumidifier. Hopefully that will help. Any recommendations.

Get a dehumidifier … or you can give the plant a hair cut I don’t know what days you are into your grow

Also the weather in your as well can be contributing to this


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I’m on day 6 transition. 75 total