Humidity during drying [WARNING]

For drying at the moment my humidity is reading to be about 40% . Any advice on how to get more humidity in there for a slower dry ?


If you have a mini humidifier you could potentially throw that in the Grobo, feed the cord out the back through the plate (or out of the bottom of the front door if the cord is small enough) and use that.

Other than that, you would probably need a room humidifier of some sort to add humidity in the room!

Not sure what else might help besides that…

Maybe you could do an experiment and put some water in a dish inside the Grobo or something like that and see if that helps get some moisture in there? I was thinking maybe some hot/almost boiling water… but that might raise the heat inside too much.

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Ok going to give it a try!
I was afraid if I put a mini humidifier that it might make it toooo humid .

I’ll do some experiments . Right now the buds are drying way too fast before I start curing.

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You can also increase the RH in your grobo with Tupper wear and moist paper towels or wet hand towels in them if the humidifier is too much


Do this one! The wet towels will work. Just not too wet.


Hey @pyromancy & @SativeyWonder ,

Please do not put a humidifier in your Grobo. You will void your warranty and may very well brick your system.



Good call. Bad advice from me!

I just went by the fact I’ve seen multiple people use them on AllGrowers… searched in the search bar and confirmed that people have done it. >< Bad idea i guess.


Most people on AG are moistening their room that the grobo is in instead of putting the humidifier inside the grobo after reading this thread.