Humidifier placement

Hi all

How close can I place my Humidifier to my grobo :thinking:?

Its improving but only to around 34-35 RH @ around 12’ distance & set @ 45 RH


Never needed a humidifier for the grobo, I use a dehumidifier in the summer!

Try placing it on top of the grobo facing the back of the unit or on the floor next to the grobo but be very careful your not collecting condensation or youll have mold/bacteria issues!

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Hi :wink:

I’m thinking that might be too close :thinking:!!..


Finding it hard to reach even 45 RH :roll_eyes:!!


Is the room you’re located in able to have doors closed/windows closed further? Maybe some storm windows you can close to try to insulate the area a little better? Also, you might be interested in trying the plastic window insulator kit you can apply in winter time to help keep the heat in better. They are pretty cheap, and removable after the season. Something like this:

One thing that helps with humidifiers is placing them up as high off the ground as is safe (cords only so long, stable surfaces only, etc) and if possible, a fan blowing the humidity out and dispersing it into the air. This will help circulate and mix with the air better.

Too low on the floor and most of the humidity will just fall and drop to the ground, which can cause your floor to get wet over time too.

I wanna say that 12’ is acceptable, but probably a little far. I wanna say that 3-6 feet is a more appropriate distance especially if it’s not facing right towards the Grobo. Mine is usually about 6 feet away on a raised foldable table that I place when I use the humidifier, about 3 feet raised in the air. My fan from my Grobo exhaust system faces towards it, although not at the best angle, but I feel like it helps add a little air flow.


Thanks so much for that m8 :wink:

Drafts isn’t an issue just :uk: i recon :roll_eyes:!!

I’ve already moved in closer to around 5-6’ away now with its nozzle pointing @ the grobo :wink:

Still only reached 35 R.H in 24hrs :roll_eyes:!:thinking:! But its goin in the right direction :wink:

My freebie seeds from Seedsman (Dud Replacement) have arrived so

All Sanitised & Sparkling Bright :blush: & I’m off again later :+1::wink::wink:

FORTH TIME LUCKY​:roll_eyes:!:flushed:!..

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