How to increase Grobo yield

We completed our first grow 2 weeks ago, upon harvest, the yield was quite low - less than an ounce.

Are there any tricks or techniques to increase this yield for the next grow? Plant flowered nicely, however most of the buds on the bottom of the branches were very small


Try lollipopung those bottom branches with he small nugs. Then the energy goes up to your main colas more and theoretically bigger buds, although they do look really nice, I wouldn’t have thought you got less than an ounce by that shot. Could also be the seed you had or strain. Good genetics vs a seed you found Ina bag you had etc.

What did you grow?


We did top the plant twice, the colas looked pretty large then lost a lot once dried.

It was a Northern Lights hybrid grown using the Northern Light generic recipe.

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Seed came from an online Seed bank In Amsterdam, recently ordered from the recommended seed bank for the next grow.

Here is a shot once everything was dried and trimmed.


Was it an auto flower? Or just reg feminized?

That sucks though, maybe it was just the luck of the draw on that one

It was just regular feminized. Hopefully the next one will be better.

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@Stephen do you have any other advice? What is average yields coming out of grobo?

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Just by looking what you have hanging upside down I would say you have a lot of popcorn buds. Removing say roughly the bottom 1/3 of the unnecessary buds would make those top colas maybe more thick and dense if they’re light and airy which could increase yield.

Take a look and the tangerine auto thread that @Bongsmoker89 has and you’ll see what I mean about having the bottom of the plant cleared out and the nugs look fat in my opinion, I just don’t know how to put the link in here lol


Thanks! I read through his thread. Will definitely use some trimming techniques this go around. I’ll post another thread once it starts to pop out of the coco pod.



StephenGrobo Team - Horticulturalist


From the notifications:

Autoflowering vs Photoperiod

There are a couple differences between photoperiod strains and autoflowering strains. Here is a summary:

Photoperiod - Will grow vegetatively on light cycles of 81/6 and 24/0.

  • Will flower once put into a 12/12 light cycle.
  • Can be easily cloned, ensuring the one seeds genetics can produce unlimited plants.
  • Takes longer to finish and harvest, typically 4 months.
  • Responds well to topping or low stress training in the vegetative cycle.

Autoflowering - Will grow vegetatively for a limited time and automatically transition into flowering.

  • Difficult to clone.
  • Finished quicker than a traditional photoperiod seed.
  • Not a great candidate for topping or low stress training.

You will get a lower yield with an auto and may run into issues with the spacing which require some advanced techniques.




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Oct '17

This one came in at 28 grams. A beautiful ounce!

((Every Grow is different, and each strain is also different)) :wink: