How to grow bigger buds

This is Day 91 of my Auto… Do I extend since the buds are not as big… ?? I have 4 more days of flower then I go into Flush.


Only way that we can tell if you are supposed to extend or not is if you send us some pictures of magnified trichomes, otherwise it’s really impossible for us to tell. Do you have any way to take magnified pics?

If you don’t have a way to take pics, do you at least have a jewelers loupe or magnifying glass of some sort to see if your trichomes are either CLEAR, CLOUDY, or AMBER and what percentages of them are… You’re going to want to take an average of the top buds and the way down; the top buds are more than likely going to be the most developed

As far as I know, 4 more days of flower and then flush will bring some more thickness to your buds; as far as getting “Bigger” buds, the options are to give your plant some extra plant food in flower, which is probably too late to do, or also can be in the genetics of the plant itself which is uncontrollable… Don’t quote me 100% though. Still learning.

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The first two to three weeks of flowering is where the bud gets big. After that it basically just ripens. Autos do everything in a secret hidden calendar only the plant knows of :slight_smile: so only they know without a loupe. looks close though.



I posted the pic

Although the trichomes looks like they’re at least 50% cloudy I’d say extend. I’d definitely want to see more of those hairs turning from white to orange and curling up. Most of them are still pointing straight out so it has quite a bit of time to develop


I agree. Needs at least 7-10 days by the looks of it.