How tall before ending late veg

How tall should my plant be before leaving the late veg state? Mine is about 8” now and I’ve added an extra week. All help appreciated. TIA.

Photos please.

Here you go.


Shes going to be tall dont extend in late vege too long

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What day of growth are you on overall and on what day of germination did your plant arise from the cocopod?

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My rule of thumb has become just under the second fan for sativa and above the second fan for indica and hybrid before switching to transition.


That was day 38 overall. I germinated the seed in water for 2 days before it popped and I put it into the coco pod.

Understood, she looks healthy but she’s growing at a slightly decelerated rate. What strain is it that you’re growing? What have you done as far as defoliation thus far?

I got rid of the lower fan leaves and it seemed to stretch pretty well. Things look good at the moment. Thanks for the help.