How’s she looking for week 5?

So today I was just watching a video on where I should be and I feel like I should be a little further along. I took a few photos and wanted to see your guys opinion.
So I’m at week 5 (if you include transition) with a 600w led in a 3x3 tent. Growing 2 white widows in hydro and I got a hybrid blueberry in dirt (won’t do that again but as for right now it looks good)Hoping to grab 4oz out of this. But was wondering if I should repeat a week. Using the flora series expert recirculating feeding schedule.



I mean every pheno is different but they really really stack at later weeks … I would say play it by eye… look to see if most hairs are Amber to start if you have a jewelers look you can check by trichomes but I can tell you now she needs time


The last 2 I put the flash on and I can see the crystals better.

Probably should of used flash on all! But thanks for your help

I’m with Chris here. There’s lots of time left, I’d say on the order of 3-4 weeks more flower, then 7-10 days flush, then cut, hang, dry, manicure, then cure. Lots o time left. Be patient :+1::v::joy:

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Sweet! I know I’m getting anxious. 4 weeks to go!!