How often do you look?

We are on our first try, and only in the 2-3 weeks, but I keep wanting to look inside. Then when I look, I start to over worry and over think everything :grinning:

So how often do others look?


My first grow least 2-3 times per day. I ended up putting a wireless camera in there to make it easier to scratch the itch.

I will say this: the obsession did allow me to notice an issue with the stem, come on here for advice and fight off dampening off early on. So basically I felt validated in my obsession :wink:


I have a grobo and two tents. I look daily at all three, sometimes multiple times a day. I find it so relaxing to sit down in front of the grobo or tents and just look over the plants, especially in flower. I have zoned out staring at a full tent for like 30 minutes, before I finally stood up.


I look everyday through the window, but only open the twice per week on fills :slight_smile:


Yeah tent is definitely being looked at a lot more than the Grobo, right now just growing in the tent until AC is installed :slight_smile:
I have to look multiple times a day as they are drinking water currently twice a day due to smaller pots.


I try to only look 1x a day. I pop it open a few seconds to look, feel the top of the pod, every few days check the water level.

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I look at mine probably 3-4 times a day
I have a solid and in the midst of the grow I trim it lightly every other day. The lighting is so good you shouldn’t ha e to worry about shock from opening up!