How many more payments to go 🤔

Just made my 6th payment but was wondering how many more to go or was that my final?

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I believe you make 7 payments and the last is for shipping costs. From my email:

How does Grobo financing work?
You will pay 7 installments of $100 every four weeks
We will send you a final installment for taxes & shipping costs. These will only be collected once your Grobo is ready to ship.


If you email with your name or account number, I can help. I can’t find a Ready_Player_One that has purchased. :wink:

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Looks like others already answered… but just wanted to say that Ready Player One was a kick ass book!

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Yeah changed the name but the first comment help out, thanks :pray:t3:

Can’t wait to see how the movie will look :thinking:

Thank you really helpful :raised_hands:t3:

There’s a Ready Player One MOVIE coming out?? I need to see a trailer for this, stat. Fingers crossed it translates well. Great books always have such a difficult time adapting to the screen.

*Edit: Wow, Spielberg is directing it.

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Can’t wait to see the trailer let alone the movie =] and yea hopefully Spielberg can translate it well on the silver screen.

so exciteddddddd !

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Wait a min…yall only paid $700 for your Grobos?!

Hi Jawnee, welcome!

When we opened our 1st round of orders, way back in August of 2016, you could purchase a Grobo for $899 for a short period, then $999. We love our early adopters & their patience. As development has progressed, the design has evolved and strengthened, thus the increase in cost. The $700 you are seeing above is in addition to the $199 deposit that our 1st rounder’s paid.

This is for you…
READY PLAYER ONE - Official Trailer 1 [HD] - YouTube