How do we know if our sensors are calibrated?

@Stephen @Chris I was wondering how we can tell if the unit sensors are working correctly or in the right range ? We don’t rrally have numbers to compare to and I know bluelab is reputable but with amount of build up
I’m seeing from nutrients and my nutrient bottles being really low for this grow I’m wondering if my sensors are calibrated?

Is there a way for us to check without having to purchase more accessories? I’ve already purchased a dehumidifier and ac just for grobo which I didn’t expect to have to do.

My sprout is exhibiting some wierd behavior. Spoke to the breeder and he thinks it’s a ph issue as some of his other plants have done this due to ph being a little off…


Hey @chris_barfield,

We will be exposing more data in the coming months for your to check. For now if you have any issues, please email This will allow us to review your data and re-calibrate if needed. All sensors are factory calibrated and have been really stable. We are working on offering a calibration kit and exposing the calibration function, coming soon.



Ok sent ticket

Thanks @chris_barfield,

I’m on it!


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