How do I get nugs fatter (day 121)


What week of flower are you in?

Day 54 of flower. So week 7

They are past the growth stage and in the stacking and maturing stage
Next time opening it up to more light will help by knowing how it grows youll know what to cut to prevent it from blocking it in the future. You could also try additives to boost her food consumption


Exactly what I was going to say :+1: :+1: :+1:


i defoliated it multiple times what could i have done different?

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Its like a bush. Think of it more like 6 orchids you wznt growing in the same pot not the bush. Everything below the 2nd fan can go. Likely its not even ripe when you harvest.
Alot of leaves touching which means too many leaves. They will repeatedly grow back sometimes over top of where you cut it.
A little more height to her will also help next time which you as the user can control knowing how shell turn out. Good stuff. Id grow the same strain again if you can those look like great buds. Nugget size or not