How can i change my delivery address as i moved houses [RESOLVED]

hi all just wondering how can i change my address as i moved house and also when can we get estimated shipping cost ? as i live in Australia and have to pay customs import charges for anything over $1000

just want a heads up so i can save up

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Hi Jeewadj,

We will email you once your Grobo is ready to ship to confirm that we have the correct shipping address so there is no need to worry about updating your address just yet!

In terms of shipping rates, we are not currently happy with how expensive it is to ship to Australia and are looking at ways to get the price lower. We are currently looking into shipping in bulk to Australia on palettes and then distributing them to individual customers once the shipment lands.

It will take us a few weeks to figure out if this option will truly reduce costs so please feel free to keep following up!



This is another example of why I love your company. Doing what’s right for the customer in lieu of the making profit. Good show Bjorn! Good show!


HI bjorn i work for transport company called TGF they provide storage warehouse solutions as well as delivery solutions though out Australia ask about there sensitive freight delivery might be what your looking for ?

and yes please keep me updated

thank you very much

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Hi Jeewadj,

That would be super helpful! I’ll send you a message and we can chat there :slight_smile: