Hooking up to a water supply

When I was researching this product, I thought I remembered seeing the option to hook it up to a water supply so that you could drain and fill remotely. Can someone point me towards those directions?

I tried searching, but terms like hose and water supply bring up a ton of results.

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I don’t think a formal set of instructions exist for that. A few of us have jimmy-rigged a setup to allow for a remote top-up and I think someone did one for drain/fill.

For remote top-ups I placed a 1 gal jug inside the grobo, sitting on the reservoir lid. At this stage my plant was in mid/late flower so there was plenty of room at the bottom of the unit. I just placed the hose tubing inside the jug and when the time came I initiated the remote fill via the app. It worked well.

I think one guy on here split the lines from the drain/fill tubes and had each one running to a 5gal bucket. One for drain and the other for fill. That kind of setup would allow for the fully remote drain/fill. I’m not sure if anyone has hooked up directly to a water line or drain though.


I’m very skeptical about the whole remote thing. There are a lot of cases where people have drained or filled and the unit doesn’t recognize that the process is completed which requires a full power down to reset.

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Hook up all components to a smart power strip which allows for remote power cycling if needed.


  • (You Know I Also Tried To Search [:mag:] For This For You -And- Can’t Seam To Find It -But- I Do Remember That What They Were Saying Was {In The Begining Of Building The Grobo That They Were Going For A Connection Like Your [Washer/Dish-or-clothes], The System Was Going To Fill Up Automatically like That}): (They Decided Not To Go That Route): {:wink:}:

  • (Yes I Remember This One Too): (Now Where Is This One): {:thinking:}:


  • (I Was Thinking Of The Post Where The Grower Was Going On A Trip -And- They Sat A Gallon Jug Inside The Unit Next To The Plant To Help Top It Off Daily Remotely): (An [IP-Plug Outlet] Just In Case It Over Fills They Can Remotely Shut It Down):


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