HLG550 and distance to plants

I’m exactly one month into flowering and it looks like I waited a bit too long. To create a relatively equal distance to the tops I hung the 550 in a 45 degrees angle with the light facing the back of the tent. My average distance is around 35cm (around 14 inches😨). The light is hanging as high up as possible in a 2 m high tent.
I dimmed the HLG to about 75% to prevent the plants from burning. The dimmer, though, I can’t really trust. The reason: I also use dimmable Spider-Farms 4000 where I can visually observe dimming and I can see a difference in light strength as soon I only move the dimmer a tiny bit The 550, though, it seems I can only visually observe a decrease in light when I dim it down to about 25 to 30%. And it was like this since delivery. Is my dimmer broken?
This might be a better question for HLG but maybe somebody in here has some experiences.
Thanks in advance, my green soul- and lungmates😂

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