High THC dosnt always mean better. A great article to read

What do you guys think about this.


I think it’s pretty spot on.

I don’t chase THCa levels in my medical purchases… I have a 37% THCa strain right now and I didn’t think it got my any higher than my other stuff.

My favorite strain right now is 9.89% THCa and 11.5% CBD … :slight_smile: Blue Dream CBD ! I think it gives me the best effects and it gets me just as high as the other stuff in my opinion, especially if I havent medicated all day, etc.

I’ve also read another article in the past month that not all medical/rec Cannabis users actually don’t want stuff that’s super high in THC because not all of us want to get completely obliterated…many people look for strains that are functional and effective.

The entourage effect of terpenes is more interesting than me than any THCa numbers you can spout out… and it shows we don’t know as much as we should yet. Plus, they only ever list the top 10 terpenes… there’s tons of them that make up the unique smells and tastes and terpenes can be active at a very tiny percentage. I forget the numbers exactly, but a little can be a lot in this case.


Yea I totally agree. I love high cbd strains the high is great. Im going to have to try the blue dream cbd.


I just finished Harlequin can’t wait to try it. They claim it is 9.1% cbd – 6.5% thc


Harlequin is one of the best!


Now I’m even more excited!! I like to cure for 30 days before I try…

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In growing cbd cream n cheese right now. Almost into flush another couple weeks

LP’s are moving away from nominal THC % and transitioning to described effects Of terpenes.

Pressure from shareholders has nearly birthed this new “marketing”, beyond the canna-curious and regular users; It’s the right direction, still with limited information.

Legacy distribution has existed on the very premises of potency measured in THC %. Will be interesting to see how the grey markers adapt (if at all).