High-Pitched Whirring [RESOLVED]

High-pitched whirring sound just started tonight. It appears to be coming from the top fan.

Is this a problem that’s solvable with WD-40 or something similar?

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Submit a ticket to support @Stephen

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It could be a normal sound too: :thinking::ear:

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Do not spray wd40 on your fan as it’ll get sucked into the unit. Try applying a small amount of pressure, very minimal, and see if it does anything. My Grobo is in a corner with a water bottle pressing against the back for this reason. I know it’s not ideal but it worked and haven’t had sound issues since

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Hey @SuperDelic,

This should be a fairly simple fix. The cross flow fan has basically shifted to the right and that is causing the whine. You can:

  1. Unplug the unit
  2. Remove the carbon filter and cover
  3. Reach up to grab the fan and pull it hard to the left. (When facing the unit)
  4. Turn the unit back on to see if the whine is gone.
  5. Replace the carbon filter and cover.

Let me know how this works for you! I’ll go look for your support ticket now too.



This just happened to me last week. Put my dogs rubber kong toy against wall for a temporary ease to the ear. Got the helicopter humm going on for the vibrations on top. Was going to ask about oil dropper for fan. Are they sealed bearings in fan?

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This did the trick. Good timing, too, as the filter clearly needed a change!