Hey I’m having difficulty figuring out what stage of growth this plant is in

Anyone know roughly what stage this is

And is my plant auto flowering??

How can I maximize yield of of this one





stage of growth




If we got to see the whole plant maybe someone could tell you if it was an ‘auto-flowering’ or not…
If it is an Auto you shouldn’t do anything to maximize yeild…



Well for sure your plant is in flower. But your second question is worded wrong I think. Did you buy the seed or someone gave it to you/found in a bag? It most likely is an auto flower seed cause she’s building sites pretty well. But with autos I wouldn’t touch it. Just maybe trim some leaves off here and there. But for the most part don’t do anything just let her be and it should turn out great. Autos are more of hands off approach if you want to call it that.