Hey, Amazon shoppers, are you interested in a FREE Grobo Start?

Hey Growers!

We’re excited to launch some of our products on Amazon to our Canadian and American customers and we’re looking to our community of growers to post some great reviews for these awesome products.

Have you been thinking about trying the Grobo Start to get a jump start on your next cannabis grow?

We are looking for positive educational comments, or how this product exceeded your expectations.

If you would like to review our Grobo Start listed on Amazon, please email me at todd@grobo.ca for more information. This is a limited offer, does not include the nutrient start kit and will be closed as soon as it’s filled up.


I have reached my Grobo Start allotted limit.

Please keep your eye’s on the forums for any future offers and thank you for all your help!

I just sent you an email.


Very interested, email sent


My apologies if we missed you this time!

Thank you to everyone for your interest in this. I appreciate all your help and I have currently hit my limit.

The PH Probe offer / Grobo Start offer is currently closed. If anything changes with current reviewers, any remaining reviewers on the wait list will be followed up on a first come first serve basis.

Keep your eyes open for more exciting offers!