HerbsNow Dryer for sale [SOLD]

Hello Everyone,

I know the Grobo has a drying time built into its system, but I also have 2 HerbsNow for sale.

1 has never made it out of the box and 1 was used twice, but I still have the original box. Super easy and 100% reliable dehydrator.

They list for $150 and are backordered on most websites. I would sell both for $100 with buyer paying shipping costs. Or 1 for $75 with buyer paying shipping.

Take care!


Interested. Why do you not use them?

Hey man! I didn’t open the one because I never had enough from my harvest and the one that I did use, worked great. The reason I’m selling is because I sold my grobo (to you/your dad lol). And because of that I won’t be growing anything and don’t want to just waste a good product collecting dust.

Haha well that’s a good reason :joy: I like the idea of being able to dry in that so I can immediately start another grobo grow. I’ll take em both.

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Great man! So same thing as before. Can you Venmo me and then do the shipping label and I’ll get it out tomorrow to you.

I used it for my first grow, and will definitely be using it for subsequent grows too! So nice. Of course all of my green turns into edibles, so maybe for smoking it wouldn’t dry the same, not sure.

When you get to that point, be sure to monitor humidity while drying! I had to put several small containers of water inside the dryer to keep humidity higher

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You still have them bro I’m interested

You still have?

Still available

Hey Kodey, I ended up buying these along with his Grobo, not sure that he’s monitoring AG communications any longer.

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  • ((#SOLD)):



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Is it still available?

how do you like these compared to traditional drying methods? cant find these anywhere but saw one that seems like the exact same product called eco farm and am unsure if i’ll like it

Honestly, after purchasing, I decided not to use them and just stick with the slow dry method. I may give them a shot in the future and will post a review if so.


Would you sell one been searching for weeks