Herbs in Start

I’m trying to grow basil. I’m seeing I can manual hit the “on button” and go with either an 8 or 13 hour cycle.

All the recipes I’m seeing are for cannabis… I tried “Generic” and didn’t see a fit either.

How do I automate this through the app? Can I? Ideally I’d want to start a “lights on” cycle everyday at 8am.

Thanks for the help!



Plug the start in at 8:00am then that is your start time

Then you pick if you want 8 hours or 13 hours of light… There is no automation with the Grobo Start



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  • (Pick Green Light For 8 Hours): (Pick Blue Light For 13 Hours):


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Got it. No automation. Is there a way for it to turn on as soon as it’s plugged in, or do we always have to hit the button to turn it on?

Thanks for the insight!


Once you pick the mode you want Blue light 13 hours or Green 8 hours the Grobo Start will start at the same time you plugged it in at everyday


Pretty sure you can trick the Grobo Start into doing a full 16 hours or 24 hours even if you unplug it for 30 seconds and then turn it back on now that I think about it…Would have to repeat the process every day though but I was able to successfully change my light timing more than once now, don’t see why you couldn’t trick it into just staying on for longer than the set schedules that way.


I was doing that at first but I came up with a better idea since I have have 2 units what i did was

Grobo Start #1 plugged in day 1 at 6:00am set for 13 hours (so it turns off at 7:00pm)

Grobo Start #2 I set to turn on at 4:00pm for 8 hours… (turns off at Midnight)

I have both units side by side the leak from grobo #2 leaks over to Grobo #1 now I’m auto for 18 hours

Note: the light leak from Grobo Start to Grobo Start isn’t that strong but I feel it is good enough for newly germinated plants.


Nice! That’s a good idea.

Yeah I use the Start’s residual light to help along my soil plants next to it a bit, definitely not super strong but still helps