Herb and marijuana anxiety

Herb and marijuana anxiety

They said that medical cannabis is very effective when it comes to anxiety. At first I was doubtful so I started doing my own research and read articles about marijuana. I found out that each marijuana strain has different uses for different diseases. Like this strain wwwworldwide-marijuana-seedscom/products/dna-genetics-holy-grail-kush This one is very effective when it comes to stress and mild anxiety. Let me hear your two cents with this.thanks


I’m not sure about that specific strain but some of them definitely help people function with anxiety.
Lots of positive benefits ot cannabis


Its true that the use of cannabis with high levels of THC or low prolonged use can wreck havoc on the brain lowering its dopamine causing psychosis. Luckily cannabis DNA is Made up of more than one ingredient. The THC is what spikes the dopamine but the cannabanoids in the CBD has the opposite effect on the brain. There is a wave starting which allows growers to breed more seeds with higher levels of CBD to counteract the THC causing the psychotic effects of marijuana to cancel itself out. So yes it can be bad for mental health but, it can also be very good for it too. Ratios of 1:1 with an 50/50 upper/downer sativa/indica and close to equal levels of THC/CBD or lower level of THC than CBD can be most beneficial.



Just talked to my psych this morning actually everything is different , there are negatives and positives like any other drug out there , some people are good with it some are not . Being the first patient in the state of florida for medical marjuana for an underage teen back in 2016 / 2017 , from my experiences dispensary cost too much , grobo is convenient for an ounce or 3 nothing more most of us smoke that in less time it takes us to grow , I would suggest stocking up for awhile and buy from you’re local dispensary. The one HUGE negative affect cannabis / cannaboids , thc have one men and women at a young age so anyone from 16 to 25 , using the medicine they have a 15% chance of getting schizophrenia, from the drug use they havent found out why , why cannabis has negative and positive effects, none of the medicine is life threatening the worst that can happen is just a bad body reaction , excessive anexity , maybe you throw up , and sleep really good , might make you not wanna do mj again , listen everyone is different types of strains do matter it all gets taken into consideration with the doctor’s and science of it all , I’ve been smoking for 7 years , I have ibs I’m 20 years old , some strains dont like me and I dont like them , my body gets bad withdrawls , like everyone says everyone is different it’s more of a self trying experience… my dad suffers from a brain mental disorder from a slip and fall , but I also trust my doctors who have more than 20 plus years of experience, the good wins over the bad on cannabis just be very careful of how much you consume , and also how you use the drug it can be addicting anyone who tells you different has never actually tried pot for a long period of time , I used medical for a year , and then went back to my regular street weed let’s just say this the shit you get on the streets my friend no matter how good it looks throw it away you have no clue where it’s been what has been sprayed , the black market is rising so is child theft and alot of other crimes that some how mj gets attached to . Hopefully you stay away from that stuff and take my advice!

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Like @Ray2nasty said it ultimately comes out to what works best with your body chemistry & lifestyle. You can use the advice and experience of others to guide you to a starting point and from there adjust based on the feedback your personal experience provides you with ( just like everything else in life :nerd_face:).


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Sounds like he might be looking more for CBD.


Exactly what I’m thinking ,

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I’m growing an Indica 50/50 THC/CBD strain called “argyle” by Tweed.

A lot of successful grows so far with this strain (and you can buy finished flower if this Tweed strain is available in your area).

Grobo added the recipe a few months ago, highly suggest you go this direction :grinning: