Help with Recipe Selection

Hello Growers!

I had an order in with Seedsman and just learned after waiting 3 weeks that they are not taking new customers and are having shipping issues that will delay my seeds by up to 5 (more) weeks! Ugh!

So I placed a different order with ILGM.

Strawberry Kush CBD

There is no specific recipe in the Grobo for this strain.

Can I get a little assistance with what would be the best one to pick?



The generic recipe works great.

I would ask @Stephen or maybe if you would prefer a better recipe or something that might fit better.

Again, generic works really well!


Thanks @OrionsCeiling for the reply.

Would it be the Hybrid Generic recipe?


Yeah I’d go with the hybrid recipe. Make sure you don’t pick the auto recipe unless you have an auto!


Sucks to hear it about the Seedsman order… pretty dumb they took your money and then this happened tho!

Nice choice on the Strawberry Kush CBD

I looked at that one on ILGM before as well. Also, Strawberry Kush (non CBD) is always intriguing to me. I’ve had some Strawberry Kush from the dispensaries here, definitely very frosty and smells like strawberries!


Dumb indeed @pyromancy

Seedsman said I could have my money back but I have to wait till the seeds finally arrive and then ship them back. They said they can’t just cancel the order.

The he good news is that ILGM has already confirmed my order and it should be shipping soon. I’m certain it’ll be here before the other order.

It sucks cause I’m all jazzed up and ready to start growing. :crazy_face:


I had a problem where my seeds didn’t come in for 6 months. I ended up ordering seeds from other vendors. has good ones. I have yet to order from canucks seeds but crop king does a good job too. All fast shipping in and around the US

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