Help with my first grow - granddaddy purple

Does look good. :grinning:


Update: flower Day 39/41

I am moving to flush in the next couple of days. I know I’m probably a touch early but I don’t really have a choice. I have no one I can trust to look after her whilst away, so would rather harvest slightly early than risk the whole grow.

Buds beginning to fatten up significantly. Will this continue to occur through flush or will she not really change?

I’ve also read some conflicting info on whether flushing makes any difference or not. So was thinking I extend my flowering period by 5 days and only flush for 5 days instead of 10?

Oh also - new image here :grimacing:


All my fan leaves have what look like burnt/brown tips. Is that nute burn or something else ?

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Bend them over bro and wait for it. We’ll worth it with all the time you have put into this grow.

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It’s cannabalizing itself. Eating the nutrients.



Coming along nicely!


Very nice


Looks great :+1:t2: :star_struck:


Flush day 2/5

I split my 10 days flush time, so 5 days extra flower and the balance flush. Rightly or wrongly - I guess we’ll see. I think she could probably use another week of flower.

There’s several large colas closest to the light that are bleached at the top and a little foxtail-ey… definitely stress related and will make a lot of effort to ensure an even canopy next time by implementing HST in veg if possible. I just didn’t expect her to be such a grower!

I feel like I am in for a reasonable yield, hard for me to say but if I got below 1.5oz dry I’d be disappointed. I’ll wet trim on Sunday and aim to hang for 3 days, before curing with 58% boveda packs in stainless steel curing jars.

The only issue is that I will need to leave them for 2 weeks, so will be overcompensating with extra humidity packs to prevent mould. Dreading the thought of coming back and all this work is wasted! Another learning for next time, have at least a 2 week buffer after harvest!


With so many white pistols growing out of her left I would HIGHLY suggest adding more time to her. She does not look ready yet. Just my experience you won’t even see amber trichomes at this stage. Not until all the pistols have turned amber. Looks beautiful though and almost finished! Consider adding a week or more to flower.


I agree with @Todd.grobo. The pics from 5 days ago looks like she still has a lot of white pistols and they haven’t curled in yet. It looks like 2+ weeks of flowering but it’s hard to tell without some trichrome pics


Completely hear you and really appreciate the advice.

Unfortunately sadly I am unable to extend. I have no one to manage the grow whilst I’m away. Gotta hold my hands up and just say it’s totally on me and poor time management.

I do have quite a bit of amber coming through but concede that it’s probably another 1-2 weeks away from being perfect.

I am where I am - what do you think the end result will be. Is it likely to be “ok” in terms of smoke/effect?

A couple more bud pics below take today


Appreciate your insight mate!

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Appreciate this isn’t exactly clear to see but I don’t have a digital microscope.

I have checked with a loupe and believe it’s a mix of cloudy/clear right now but someone with a lot more experience would be able to determine this for sure.


She still growing.

If you can get someone to top off, I think you should wait.

Treat the top offs like a longer flush. Even if she goes 14 more days, she will be better if given water :droplet:.
You will return to some really nice buds ready to harvest.

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I’m away for 2.5 weeks and with no one I trust to come and top up the water sadly :frowning:

With that being the case, you have to harvest. I am worried about your dry and cure. Maybe get some of those automatic burping jars on Amazon.

Hate to lose anything…

You have to get you someone you trust to do the top offs for you when gone. Things are going to happen…
This is a must.


Totally understand. On my next grow I will have plenty of time and will be away max for a week over the course of the next 6 months, so am really going to take all my learnings forward to make the next grow a real success. It’s been an exciting experience, albeit fallen over slightly at the final step!!

Just took off a bud - here’s the image. Honest feedback, is it even going to be worth smoking? I’ve heard that weed pulled too soon can cause headaches/anxiety etc. exactly the polar opposite of the desired effect for GDP

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Definite foxtail with some of the buds, throwing our new calyx’s and white pistils - over the top of a fair bit of amber.

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