Help should i start flush

i’m on day 35 of 40 on flower as you can see the tips of my leaves are turning a brownish white i extended the late veg 7 day i’m growing white widow feminized seed my question is should i start the flush or should i wait till my next water change in 3 more days thank you

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Hey @Jesse_Posada,
You can start the Flush when you feel you will be ready to harvest in about 7-10 days. It’s best to look at the trichomes under magnification. Personal preference comes into play here as to the type of high you like. Milky/Cloudy trich heads for a more energetic, uplifting experience. Amber for more of a relaxing, sedative exp.

Do you have a loupe or anything that can take pics using 30-60x magnification?

We can still see quite a bit of white pistils so this will need at least another week in flower still.


@Jesse_Posada as your plant works harder to ripen your buds it takes what it needs from the leafs. Your leafs look good… do look if possible through a scope as suggested by @miami5th.


Let it be and check those trichomes Im with @miami5th @Pedro_Semorile. It depends on your preference on what your looking for from this grow