Help! Plants Dying

From having five healthy plants one day to one somewhat healthy plant the next, I have no idea what happened or what to do about it. Many of the main stems simply died with 100% loss of the leaves. Any ideas on what happened and how to recover as much as possible?


You will have to do a process of elimination to see if you can figure it out.

  1. If it was a watering issue the leaves would have turned yellow before dropping off.
  2. did you check for bugs?
  3. any small animals have access?
  4. are you using supersoil or potting mix?
  5. make a list of what amensments you have been using and post.
  6. is your plant relying on lights or just sun exposure?
  7. whats left on the plant doesnt look to be suffering from high rh issues.
  8. is this a photoperiod or auto?

I’m not the best at soil grows yet but I’m thinking you may be dealing with a ph issue.
Check this link to see if you can pin point any ph issues.:eyes::seedling: