Help me please

It’s day 22 and everything is looking good for the most part in just a little concerned with my bottom leaves. Not sure the look of them is normal or not. It’s a couple of brown spots. Not sure if the leaves on bottom are getting enough light


Perfectly normal. Very minimal it looks like at the moment, shouldn’t be too much of a problem. This happens with almost every grow in the Grobo. Typically written off as a shock from the initial nutrients. Keep an eye out for new growth and watch for spots. Most times it doesn’t move past those first two leaves.

Those ones will dry out and die eventually anyway, first ones to go! Lots of times they end up kinda saggy and touch the floor of the Grobo while the top stuff gets all the energy of the plant for the most part it seems.


Yeah, Looks Normal…
I PERSONALLY Just Snipped Them Right Off,
Less For The Plant To Worry About, And Me.
Helps Prevent Disease And Spread Of…
I Really Don’t Like Anything Touching The Pod.


I also did this! But I waited until they really started to turn and touch the coco pod. I found that as a red flag