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I opened my grobo today like customer support advised that I do , to check my fan connection . They both were connected , I took them off then gently back on . And went to go put everything back together as I was putting my unit back together I noticed a green wire that was just hanging out of the back of the unit with no connection ?? Any idea what this is … the fans on my unit still aren’t on . @Stephen @Chris

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That’s a ground


That’s what I told myself , any idea where it goes too ?

There is a screw on the inside that it sits on to ground the unit

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Where is it exactly

Because it was totally unhooked .


((#GroboBluePrints)): (pdf) instructions :blue_book:



Don’t mean to hijack, but GROBO needs to get some off hours support. These times of no response can only hurt their customer reviews and in so doing, their bottom line. I’ve been experiencing what appears to be pH and nutrient problems. My support ticket has been open for 6 days with no response. Champions are great, but they can not adjust my chemical feed


I empathize with your situation @coffindancer . Ill never be a champion, but would like to help. As I’m unsure of where you are in your grow, if in veg depending on your problem a lot of nute issues can be resolved with a foliar spray in the short term until your super secret data can be reviewed and adjustments made. Foliar feeding is one of the easiest ways to correct nutrient issues and is commonly used among growers large and small to resolve issues quickly. I’ve foliar sprayed in almost all previous grows for almost a decade without issue. The naysayers of this technique simply don’t know what they’re talking about. If you knows it’s ph and have taken readings of your res with a pen then you can unhook your feed and adjust manually until the ticket is resolved.

Either way, you should look into manual feeding anyways. Cheaper, less risk of losing a plant and no downtime waiting on a weekend or like now Holidays for support.

Not that this matters - Pretty sure to be a champion all you need to do is be a longtime member, overly active in the forum and a grobo owner… I would assume it would help if you were also never critical of the company. Some champions don’t even use their grobos and moved onto bigger and better things, but are nice enough to still hang out and help for whatever reason.


Thanks :+1: I paid for GROBO’s service when I purchased their product. My feeling, I should not have to buy anything extra to grow my plant. I find it ridiculous that they even consider what they have found to be the perfect internal environment data of the GROBO (temperatures and humidity) to be proprietary. How can we be expected to grow the perfect plants with fantastic yields like they grow in their lab?


@Ray2nasty I apologize for my hijack. Rant over. I hope you found where that wire goes, brother :+1:


@Todd.grobo if you could help me out it would be great the grobo is running fine without it , just no fans … I dont know where the ground screw is you were talking about…

Go manual!! You can control everything on your own. Unplug bottles and feed manually, ph manually,

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Your holding it in the photo. It literally rests against or on the scree itself which is screwed from the outside of your unit to the inside. I dont know how to explain it differently. It doesn’t attach. It gently trsts on it to create a metal on metal touch which grounds the unit


They don’t grow fantastic yields! Same as everyone else! 1-2 oz’s​:+1::v:


Thanks todd !

Add revive, recharge, and hydroguard & youll be good

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Still need support but these amendments will only help your grow

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Hey All,

As @Stephen mentioned in another post we’ve been away for the holidays. I apologize for the delay in response. Stephen is still out until Monday, but I can help out where I can on the forums. However, in some cases it’s best to wait until Monday to get a response from Stephen

@Ray2nasty the operation of the core functions of the machine are not affected by the grounding wire (which you have found loose in your unit). The guides that @SilverGrobo provided should help you get that back in order. The fans are off for the first stage of the plants life. What stage is your plant in?