Help got some questions

I was just curious about my plant because it is at day 50 along and it looks very short. Also I

am uncertain if its okay that the leaf tips are a yellowing color.


Looks very healthy and maybe a tiny nutrient burn. What day are you in which cycle


@mary_jane I agree with Todd. I would suggest opening a ticket. Maybe Stephen can see a spike on your top secret sensor data. Maybe it’s just me, but the bottom half of the plant seems to be drooping. Just as a precaution you may want to check to see if your airstone is producing bubbles.

Since this discoloration is relatively new it’s likely a result of a spike in nutes rather than a deficiency, but I wouldn’t rule the latter out yet.

If you have a PH pen you can take these readings yourself.


Im on say 50 in my whole grow and day 1 of 14 in transition

I just check and my air stone is not producing bubbles.

Send in a ticket and maybe pick one up at your pet store till the new one arrives


Your plant wont last more than 3 days tops without the bubbles


Glad you caught it!

Sometimes the air stone becomes dirty. Not suggesting it has become dirty or loose even, but since it’s not producing bubbles while you wait for support you can go to the store and buy one. They’re fairly inexpensive. Few bucks… make sure to either measure or bring your grobo airstone with to make sure of the attachment size. I’ve never seen one not fit standard tubing, but as an “in-case” best to bring it along (limited space in the reservoir). A local pet store that sells fish likely has them or even Wally World if yours sells fish and what not. Amazon also has a lot of options and some places 2 hour delivery if you’re near a warehouse.

It doesn’t matter if it’s round or rectangular. Keep in mind the round ones will need to be small enough to fit on the bottom between the wall and clear plastic

Alternatively you remove the air stone and reseed it. Maybe it’s just come undone from the hose.

You can also attempt to clean the air stone
Soak the stone in hydrogen peroxide overnight, then rinse thoroughly and blow air through the stone until it is completely dry.


Boil the stone for five minutes, allow it to cool, then blow air through it until the stone is completely dry. If you don’t have an external pump you can just set it out a little while to dry out

If you do buy one please note all of the ones I’ve owned suggested soaking in water for a day. Probably not required, but :man_shrugging:

Todd is right, make sure to get a ticket in if you’re within the 1 year warranty the grobo team will get a new one out ASAP. With it being Friday this late in the day I would suspect this replacement part doesn’t leave HQ until Monday. Your best option is clean it or hit the local store. Make sure to see if there are any punches in the tubing restricting the flow of air as well.

I’d also put your finger over the tubing with the air stone disconnected to validate air is pushing. Let’s hope it’s not the pump

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Hey guys what connector goes with which connector? I need help in order to plug these back in Or do they all work the same?

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I can’t give definitive answer here and never disassembled a grobo, but know enough about boards to NOT recommend blindly plugging them in and expecting not to short something.

What I can tell from these pics is each of the cables in your hands are unique size cable lengths. Based on the picture of the pump and board the person whom wired that unit left only enough wiggle room to not jostle the board inputs in transit. My guess would be the longest cable attaches to the furthest input and so on.

I do not recommend just hooking them up and powering the device up. Several people here have replaced all types of stuff so you likely won’t wait long for a better answer, sorry.

Also i have my airstone and when i put air into it bubbles emerge. So does this mean it is my pump?

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Yeah my pump died twice in a row. It does happen and I’ve sent my defective one back to the team to inspect. I’ve got a 3rd installed now and am running a 2nd airstone jic also want to compare it to a plant with 1

You could just buy a pump and follow the hose to the back of 4he unit and switch it to yours

What do i do with my plant while i take the unit apart

Grab a 5 gallon bucket, fill with straight RO and put your plant, white lid and all, on top for a while. Make sure light isn’t getting to the roots for the time you’re doing your thing.


Dude you don’t have to take it apart. Just unscrew the thumb screw on back bottom right hand corner. To the left is the air pump. Simply pull the line off it and plug it into your own air pump. Done!! See: