Help - Durban Poison - Slow Growth?

I’m using the suggested recipe and it says I’m on day 113. Shouldn’t it be bigger now?

What can I do to help it?



She’s not going to get any bigger at this point. You’re most likely pretty close to harvest time. I’d check the trichomes. How many days are left on the recipe?


She looks rather finished up to me. Color is amazing!


Check with a little microscope, yes?

Interesting on the size though. I was expecting to potentially fill the whole unit.

Is that common? Or did I do something wrong with the grow?

The recipe is 122 days total in duration I’m using.

I probably should start the drying process then here in about a week then?

Thanks for the input!


Yeah, you’ll have to take a look at the trichomes to get a good feel of the ripeness/desired effects. Once it’s close to what you want, you’ll want to move to the Flush stage which will not dispense nutrients and will use only water to clean out the plant of any excess stuff…basically it just gives water to keep the plant alive, and the sunlight, and the plant will draw the nutrients out of itself that are stored inside to keep truckin’… which in the end clears the plant out of any of that stuff for the most part

Since you said you were on Day 113 of 122, are you in the Flush stage already? It is typically recommended to do a water change on the start of the Flush day to make sure there aren’t any more nutrients being taken up. However, if you aren’t ready to harvest yet, you most definitely will want to shift back to Flower and keep the nutrients going for the plant.

When is your water change day? If you haven’t changed the water yet in Flush stage, that’s fine for now, you can still just shift back to “Flower” and then do another water change (will still give nutrients)

I wouldn’t say your situation is “common” per-say, honestly it might be the smallest flowered plant I’ve seen in the Grobo yet.

Something went wrong along the way for sure, honestly the plant is the equivalent size of a 20-25 day old youngin’, maybe even smaller than that.

I mean, you waited it out this far… so no harm no foul, and props for your patience!

Without seeing the earlier pics of the grow, there’s no real way to tell what happened.

Also, I notice you’re taking a photo during the dark cycle with lights out… you should really avoid opening the box when it’s night time… This can cause your plant to stress out and either re-vegetate itself and stop flowering, or could cause hermaphrodite plants that will form either pollen sacks if it’s early on, or bananas “male parts” later on and potentially pollinate itself and start making seeds.


No help. Sorry something working wrong or you did not do something right…
Sorry don’t get discouraged try again… You’ll ge better…
One ?.. Was it warm in the box? Over nutrition? THAT’S all I can think of



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