Help! Day 21, Leaf spots, root color issue

I am on day 21, early veg 11/14. Yesterday I noticed copper brown spots on the lower leaves. I sent a request to Grobo support and did an immediate water change. Today it has gotten worse and the roots no longer look healthy. They have what looks almost like a reddish hue, starting of root rot. Please help, I don’t want to lose the plant. It’s my first grow. I use distilled water and change it per the schedule with the exception of yesterday, which was a day early.


Do you keep a water temperature gauge hooked up to keep an eye on the reservoir temps? I don’t see anything about that, so I’m wondering how hot your water has been up until this point…

Can you take a picture of the stem of your plant where it meets the cocopod too for everyone?


@pyromancy There’s a slight chance that it’s just a bit of stain from the nutes but I wouldn’t rule it out yet either. Checking water temps would be good.

@nklaas1172 are you using hydroguard? Using that should help you worry less about root rot. Do you notice any bad smell coming from the reservoir?

Let’s see what support says about it, too. The pH might just be off a bit and causing a deficiency.


Hey @nklaas1172

It is very common for the lower leaves to become damaged during this period, most especially the ones that are in contact with the grow space floor. Can you tell us about the water temperature in your reservoir as well as the temperature and relative humidity inside your grow space? Your nutrient distribution looks to be optimal, and as @vegetato suggested the coloration of the roots could likely be caused by the nutrients simply dying them.

If you are only seeing damage on those very lower leaves and all upper/new growth looks healthy then I think you need not worry. That said, when in doubt, it never hurts to submit a support ticket. The Grobo support staff are very knowledgeable and an absolute pleasure to work with.



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Submit a request – Grobo Help Center 1



Thank you so much! I will keep you posted on the results!

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What is the best method to dry the top the cocoa pod? I would like to do this right away. Thanks!

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The mini fan i use for air circulation is adjustable. If you have one tilt it down a notch and it will dry the pod out very quickly.


Root issue appears to be resolved.

  • Discoloration on the roots is from the nutrients.
  • Pinkish color was splashed underneath the lid.
  • Dried top of Cocoa pod. Is it ok that the lower portion where roots are is wet?

Possible bacterial issue was starting,

  • blackish/brownish stuff on probe tips and plate with nutrient tubes.
  • Drained water, cleaned the best I could on the inside.
  • Cleaned and calibrated probes.
  • Added .5ml hydroguard
  • Problem is resolved


  • Tip burn on lower leaves with the brown spots.
  • Brown spots have extended up into 2nd node leaves.
  • Need to correct nutrient issue.

Water temp issue

  • Temp is running too low, 55 degrees without intentional cooling.
  • Ordered small tank heater, has not arrived yet.
  • How can I elevate water temp immediately?
  • How can I install a water heater with a cord without an opening in the Grobo?

Air temp 76.5
Humidity 43.0
pH 6.0
Water 55.0

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Please see update, thanks!

.5ml hydroguard added
discoloration appears to be from nutrients
pH 6.0
Still have a nutrient deficiency

I suspect something is off with the water temperature reading. 55F when your air temp is 76 F doesn’t seem right. Definitely would not install a water heater under these circumstances!


Open a ticket with support, you may need @Stephen to manually add some more of bottle #5. I had a similar issue with my current grow, which was lacking cal-mag.

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Thank you!