Hello. New Grower Here

Hi everyone. I’m very excited to join this community. I look forward to growing with you guys! I ordered a Grobo because I love that it is so user-friendly and it’s the perfect size for my tiny apartment.

As I’m waiting for my Grobo to arrive, the hardest decision to make right now is figuring out what I want to grow first. I have some contenders - Wedding Cake, GSC, or Gorilla Glue.

Good luck and have fun with your growing!


Welcome! I’m pretty new here as well and the group is quite amazing…extremely friendly and helpful.


@tightt, @Aang.
Welcome aboard!
This is an awesome platform to learn and get support.
Read as much as you can and don’t hesitate to ask questions. :eyes::seedling:


Gorilla glue has done well in the machines previously


I got a vote for wedding cake :ballot_box_with_check: lol
Happy growing! :+1:

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Thanks guys! This is a hard decision! I think I’ll be buying multiple strains.

Does anyone have any advice on how to store the seeds for a long time? From my understanding, they need to be stored in a cool, dry, and dark place. I was thinking about storing the seeds in a glass jar and wrapped in a paper towel inside a fridge (to avoid exposure to light). Is this a good idea?


I was told that the best way to store seeds are in a mason jar full of rice in original packaging and all, inside the fridge.
Its been working great for me because the person that recommended this is awesome sauce!


Planted my first seed … Cindy 99 on Mother’s Day

Can’t wait to see wat happens next


@Bplatinum9 Thanks for the tip! I’ll do that :slight_smile:

@MOFLEX_MUSIC_INC Good luck on your grow! I’m excited for you.


I just have mine in a Ziploc back in the fridge with some silica gel packs to wick away moisture but all work :+1:


Alright guys, I ordered a few different strains to grow: GSC, Wedding Cake, and Blueberry Muffin from 2 different seed banks (in case of any shipping issues).

Does anyone know where to order a scrog net that fits the Grobo machine? I’m not sure what size is needed. Thanks.











Hey guys,

I’m making a list of all the things that I think I’m going to need for my first grow!

  1. Seeds
  2. Micro Pruning Shears
  3. Mason Jars
  4. Support Racks / Magnetic Hooks
  5. Distilled Water
  6. Scrog Net
  7. Hydroguard
  8. Portable Fans
  9. Hygrometer
  10. Aquarium Thermometer
  11. Grobo (lol)
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Hey Aang,

I’m very new here but I am really good at finding things to buy. The list you have compiled is thorough. Research the following items, many growers here insist on them.

-Blue Labs PH & EC Meters
-Recharge (Nutrient)
-Revive (Nutrient)

If the area that will house your Grobo is on the warmer side consider a water chiller setup.

If the area is very dry or very damp consider a humidifier/dehumidifier to regulate humidity.

@SWSVIC Thanks for the tips! I’ll look into it! What is the Blue Labs PH & EC Meters for and what is the Recharge and Revive nutrients for?

PH & EC to check for irregularities in water ph/nutrient load that could be causing your plants harm. (The Grobo does come with a great set that is left in the reservoir during the entirety of your grow, that said it is a good idea to have a spare set of quality handheld readers should the Grobo units become defective or need recalibration. Also, as of now Grobo does not share information like PH and EC with growers so it is a great learning tool to gain knowledge for future operations.

From Recharge:


Natural chelators in Recharge make more nutrition available to the plant’s root system for faster and stronger overall growth rates.

Recharge is loaded with mycorrhizae and trichoderma fungi as well as the strongest microbe package available anywhere. We add organic goodies including kelp, molasses, humic acid, fulvic acid and amino acids to develop a healthy colony of living soil microbes. Undiluted, uncut and delivered at true professional strength concentrations.


  • Proprietary microbe package
  • Increases availability and delivery of nutrition to plants
  • Increased vigor, resistance to stress
  • Will not burn plants at any concentration
  • Compliments ANY nutrient line: synthetic or organic
  • Use in Soil, Coco, Rockwool, or Hydro
  • All-natural, non-toxic
  • Store in a cool, dry place for up to 2 years

You will see stronger growth within 48 hrs, or YOUR MONEY BACK.

From Advanced Nutrients Revive:

If Your Plants Are Stressed, Weak, Or Near Death, Scientists Say Do This One Thing Now Before It’s Too Late!

If you’ve ever walked into your grow room and found yourself in an emergency…

You see pale leaves or droopy flowers

Or an essential part of your hydroponics gardening system, like a pump, has failed and your plants are being starved to death…

Then, you’ll want to put this one scientific discovery to work for you right away…

Advanced Scientific Testing Discovers The Number One Thing You Should Do When Your Plants Are In Danger…

The team of scientists, researchers and plant chemists at Advanced Nutrients has spent many years studying the problems facing the types of plants we grow and the gardens we grow them in.

They discovered many things can go wrong during a crop cycle that could cause a large percentage of your plants to never make it… and in the process… hack away at the value of your entire harvest.

What they also uncovered was that in a grow room emergency; TIME is the biggest threat to your plants survival!

It’s a fact, the quicker you act to save your plants, the more likely you are to save them… just like… an accident victim is much more likely to survive if they can get into the Emergency Room as soon as possible and begin being treated.

But how you go about trying to save your plants is just as important as doing it quickly…

Heal Your Plants And Give Them The Best Chance Of Survival With This Specific Formula…

After hundreds of different tests and experiments with our types of plants in a variety of hydroponics garden types including rockwool, coco coir, aeroponics and soil this team of scientists determined a specific blend of nutrients and healing ingredients… delivered as fast as possible… is the best way to ensure your plants survive and rejuvenate when they’re in trouble.

After extensive research, experimentation and extensive testing, the team at Advanced Nutrients developed their exclusive REVIVE formula.

REVIVE is an easy to use formula that works with all types of gardens… can be added to your hydroponics solutions or used in a foliar spray… AND… is specifically created to rejuvenate the types of high-value plants we grow.

The proprietary formula rushes highly-chelated iron, zinc, calcium, nitrogen and other crucial nutrients directly into your plant’s cells to give them the maximum healing power they need…



These healing ingredients go to work immediately with your plants and…

Rejuvenating substances race into your roots, pumping them full of healing nutrition!

They thrust up into your stems and leaves, then flood them with nutrients!

New flowers and buds bloom… and… current flowers plump up juicy and larger than ever!

And now, you can finally relax because you don’t have to worry about losing your crops… and instead… you can focus on the huge harvest you were afraid was about to be lost.




She’s so on point :point_up_2:


Thanks @SWSVIC @Hellyesshedid

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Spare air stone.