Hello Growers Hydrogen peroxide Question?

Hello Growers ( I am a soil grower )
Will a mixture of hydrogen peroxide
and water create a better drainage system in my potted plants they are in four weeks of flowers 10 Gal smart fabric pots. Or is hydrogen peroxide mixture just for oxygen to the roots thank you for your time .

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Or should I leave well Enough Alone they are doing Fine!
Always pushing the Envelope :thinking:

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Water them feed them love them protect them…get me to late August and I will Reward a You!:seedling::seedling::seedling::seedling::seedling::seedling::seedling::seedling:


I have 15 gallon fabric pots currently that I placed outside in April. I havent had to add any special mixture to help with drainage thus far. We had pretty steady rain for a while. I covered the top layer with mulch to help maintain some of the moisture and prevent the soil from drying out too much. I think that helped the condition of soil, my peach tree that is next to them is in much worse shape. Not sure if there are thoughts against the mulch.


I wouldn’t add anything. You have perlite in there that’s what helps with the soil drainage and breathability. How often are you watering them? And what are you doing to judge when to water? Just wondering why they’re drooping is all. My 4 girls are reaching for the sky, very perky. I have mine in 10 gal pots and will let them get on the dry side, I’ve been watering mine every 2-3 days. I stick my index finger in as far as I can and if I feel moisture I don’t water.
Idk to me it looks like they’re getting too much water and what might be causing the droop. I would let your medium dry up a bit and see if anything changes.


Thanks yea I was just :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:being me … just let her grow she is not asking for anything …I have to tell myself a little is a lot