Hello everyone,

My name is Tony, I am a first time grower, I decided to start growing because I am going to retire soon and I needed a really great hobby. My plant is on day 36 using a generic recipe. I think it looks pretty good or do you guys think I should trim more leaves back any thoughts would be appreciated.


Welcome to the community @tebtmb ! What is the strain that you are growing?

At day 36 she looks a bit small and the leaves appear droopy. Let’s do some further work to see if we can identify the problem.

  • Can you take some pics of the main stem, especially where it goes into the cocopod?
  • Take a pic of your cocopod showing how it is aligned with the white lid
  • Take a pic of the roots
  • Do you have the ability to monitor temps and rh% in the unit? How about a water temp gauge? What have they been like?
  • Can you post pics of all 5 bottles so we can see what has been dispensed?

She’s in decent shape but there is something going on with her. With the community here and Support we should be able to get her straightened out.


Thank you very much, I will get all of that done. Can’t wait to see your response. :+1:


Welcome :wave:
Not a lot more I can add :flushed:! but something is not quite right there bro!! :confused:??
Good luck :+1::crossed_fingers:




It is a great hobby, welcome.

Somebody else said “Marijuana is not addictive, but growing it is.”

…and yeah, she’s droopy. But still looking good.


Hi Miami5th, ok I think I got everything, I added temp, RH% and water temp gauges. I ordered a ph meter and it as not been delivered yet so I use ph strips and here are more photos.

and I decided to trim her a little here are the before and after pics.

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Hey @tebtmb - good to hear back from you! This is great to have all of these photos! Thank you for including them. The plant looks okay but is a bit droopy.

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How does the top of the cocopod feel? Is it wet to the touch or damp? It should feel dry.

Water temps are good
Grow box temp is ok - aim for mid to low 70s

Humidity of 31% is very low at this stage. She likes 60%rh while in vegetation. Adding a humidifier in the same room as the Grobo will help. Do not place it inside or behind or close to the unit. Just leave it nearby. TaoTronics makes a nice wifi smart humidifier that myself and others use and like.

What type of water are you using? I’m guessing tap water? It would be best if you could use distilled or RO.

It looks like quite a bit of pH down Bottle #2 has been used already. Nearly half and the grow is at day 40’ish? This could be from using tap water.

Until she has recovered from the droopiness it’s okay to let her grow out and refrain from trimming. She needs those leaves in veg mode as they act as the powerhouse of the plant. Once she is close to transition/flower she can be trimmed much more.

She’s in pretty good shape but has something going on with her, nothing major but it’s good to keep an eye on her until she perks back up.

Lastly, just wanted to check and see if you had extras of bottles #3-5 and #2 as you will probably need to replace those at least once to finish out this grow.


Thanks for the tip on reaching out to certain persons. I have been using distilled water so it’s not that. I do have another set of bottles so I’m good there. The top of the cocopod feels damp and going to get humidifier tomorrow.

The lowest part of your roots look super dark, almost like root rot where they meet the water. Are your water temps constantly at the 66.9 or does it go higher? Also, have you tried to check if your water temp gauge is calibrated? Do you use hydroguard? Do your roots smell funky or like fresh carrots? Apologies, I didn’t go through the whole thread, kinda being lazy right now. :unamused:

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@tebtmb The roots do look a little dark but I think that may be due to color staining from the nutrients. It would be a good idea to confirm that water temp gauge is accurate.

The plant would benefit from pushing the cocopod up about 1 inch. The cocopod should be drying out and if it stays too damp a thing called damping off and plant death can happen. Just gently push up from the bottom of the pod. You may need to secure the raised pod by using toothpicks, perpendicular to the pod so it rests on the lid.


Totally agree wiv everyone Dampening off" I’m afraid
I’ll step back :wink: but good luck ok bro :fist_right:

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Alright everyone, my water temp gauge is right on and now for the bad news the roots smell kinda funky. Do we think it’s worth trying to save or start over??

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It can be treated, your call whether you want to or not. But if 67 is your high water temp, I doubt your meter is on point.


I think I’m going to save her, I keep you posted thanks for the info.


Only you can make that choice im afraid dude :roll_eyes:! But it definitely didn’t look great & I :skull: mine that looked the same… R.I.P :wink:! but your move dude

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Break :leg:

Also, the pic of your roots don’t show much bubbles. Is your air stone pumping out bubbles? This can also help cause issues.

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@tebtmb I’m calling in the cavalry for ya! We all want your grow to be successful!

@vegetato @Mpower11 - I can’t seem to find your great posts about root rot and the process to treat it. Could you help supply that info to @tebtmb?