Heating the Grobo

So the wife made me move the Grobo to the garage. Any tips on keeping the temps up this winter? I was thinking of maybe a reptile heating pad or a ceramic heat lamp aimed at the metal sides.

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Damn that sucks… I wonder if you can contest the decision by stating how much more money it will cost to run a heater on the Grobo… but maybe not that might make things even worse… might wanna keep that on the hush :slight_smile:

Here’s one person that also has theirs in the Garage

That’s one solution.

@Erik_Curiel how’s the temps recently on your Grobo?


Temps have been good but the weather in the Chicagoland area has been nice the last few weeks with a couple colder nights than average. I’ve been running a heater in front of the grobo and a humidifier in the rear of the grobo. Humidity/Temperature been at about 40%-50% humidity to 65-75 degrees