Sweet leaves bending and folding?

Day 24 & last day of early vegetation state. Should I be worried about this ? Searched for some help online and people tend to say overwatering, but this is a DWC system? Also topped today, was my timing off or good? Any tips and help is appreciated thank you


I think you nailed the topping right on, seems like the 5th node to me!

Did the sagging start after the topping? That could be a direct response to stress but she should bounce back easily.

Is your cocopod wet at all right now or is it drying out? Sorta moist or super moist? Dry to the touch? Etc.

Overwatering is still a thing in hydroponic but what you’re worried about is the cocopod instead of soil. Too much water and wetness can cut off oxygen to the plant and cause a condition called damping off. I’ve seen it more than once on these forums so I usually ask people if they see any discoloration on the stalk, like black or dark brown, sogginess etc in the stem.

I’ve seen this happen with the leaves a lot of grows, even the little orange spots at the tips of some of them (which is probably a response to the nutrients introduced. But the good thing is that your top leaves don’t look too bad, and that’s how the plant will keep dispersing energy as it grows as it works its way towards the light. Honestly they don’t look terrible at the bottom either too much.

Is it getting super cold at night where you’re at by chance? Do you monitor the temp and humidity inside the Grobo at all ? These are all just small things to check off a list of potential issues that could need attention.

How do the roots look? I would take a quick peek and see if you can see any browning or discoloration on the roots, this could be preventing nutrient uptake up north. If your reservoir temps are hitting over 72F then there’s a chance that bacteria could start colonizing. Do you use Hydroguard at all?

Also, I’ve said it this morning to someone as well, if you think something is possibly off with your plant and you think it looks a little unhealthy, you can do a pH probe calibration to check and see if everything is okay there. I had to do one early on despite thinking it was a new unit and wouldn’t need it. I think I did mine like 14 days in or something like that.

As far as being worried, like I said it doesn’t look too bad, but something seems off to you, right? So I would go down the list and check off as many potential causes as you can before you decide it to default to it just being the plant’s genetics or anything like that.


That was a lot of great information to take in lol thank you very much, the sagging started far before the folding/bending of the sweet leaves. Also, I just checked the coco pod and it was very wet, I do see a little brown in the side of the stem and dark parts in the roots in the picture. Should I pull it apart and clean it up?

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Also, yes it is getting cold out here where I am located in the Chicago land area, it is staying in my garage and I am using a 1500 watt heater to help keep it warm. I’m just having problems with the humidity. It’s been around 15-20% since germination

Thanks for all the return info.

Is your Grobo an older model with the sticker inside the lid that says “Place cocopod to this line” or does it not have a sticker? It looks like it might not have one, but not sure. If not, you should most definitely 100% push your pod up, maybe even a half inch above the top of the lid to start drying it out, too much water in there and it starts to cut down on the amount of oxygen the plant can receive and Grobo recommends it to start drying out by now as well.

I can’t see the pic of the stem very well cuz it’s dark, if you could get one with camera flash on that would help determine if there’s a problem at that area better. It kinda looks okay but it’s really hard for me to tell.

However, the roots look like you might have a bit of a problem. Honestly, the way the roots are starting to tangle and especially that part where its dark brown kinda worries me as syptoms of root rot. Do you know exactly how hot it’s been getting in there? If the reservoir temp was sitting above 72 at all that seems to be the general consensus of a culprit. I’m assuming you don’t use Hydroguard? If not, I would most definitely either look if you can find it locally at a hydroponic store or somewhere similar, or order it ASAP from Amazon:

Also, you might want to think about washing your roots off to get rid of some of that bacteria and fight this head on before it becomes too late

@vegetato Can you confirm that this looks like potential root rot? I think you’ll agree.

Also, the humidity seems a little low honestly, but one way to look at it is that the plant still germinated despite recommended 70% humidity for germination (or around that), so it’s definitely trying it’s best. It will definitely be an environmental stressor I can only imagine though because that is pretty low. Have you tried a humidifier at all? I know it’s a garage so not all garages are very insulated, might be hard to do.


Also, this is a little more further about Humidity levels from www.growweedeasy.com

" It is common for new growers to not pay attention to humidity at all, and this can sometimes cause otherwise unexpected and/or inexplicable problems.

Cannabis plants can show false signs of nutrient deficiencies when the relative humidity of the grow area drops below 35% RH, especially when things get really dry. Younger plants are most susceptible, though plants often adjust over time many plants are able to grow just fine as long as they’re provided with plenty of water at the roots. Some strains can handle low humidity better than others."


Either that or they’re stained/dirty but would lean toward probably bad sign.

Raising the cocopod a bit (carefully) might help if it’s staying too wet. Sagging leaves is usually sad or too dry/wet, especially without other signs like discoloration.


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That product was not available in Illinois but I was recommended to use slf 100 as a substitute

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much better I would say


Is it possible that the top of the coco pod is dry and the bottom of it is very wet? Or is that normal?

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That’s good/normal if the top is dry.

How is the base of the stem up top, can you get some better pics of that?

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What do you mean? Like from where I topped it from?

At the base of the stem, where it meets the cocopod. @pyromancy was asking about that too – a better pic of that area would be good (maybe with flash?).

Around the sides of it, rather than the front here:

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how’s this? Also, my grobo is one with out the line in the coco pod insert.


If it still stands up firm on its own that’s probably no big deal, I think you might’ve narrowly avoided “damping off”.

Now that the roots are cleaned off perhaps just see what difference that makes. Did you happen to do a drain/fill or are you planning to soon?

also, does this root look out of place?


The root does not look out of place. That blue dot, however…

Uh oh what’s the blue dot mean :anguished:

Never seen it before, I think it might just be something random. Is it attached to anything? I doubt it’s alive.