Heater fan

So I haven’t grown in awhile so I’m struggling to get started again. I’m growing in my basement where the temp is 65 degrees, the water temp is 58 degrees. I bought this mini fan from Walmart that is a space heater and a fan. Should I use the heater function in the grobo or could that cause a problem with my unit? Don’t want to mess anything up. If not I can always just use the fan function


I would not suggest using the heat function INSIDE the Grobo. Maybe a small space heater near the grobo to help bring temps up.


I agree @FireGuy!

There are sensitive electronics just below where that heater is sitting. Move it to the outside of the unit, preferably on the right side of the unit as there are no boards there.



Outside space heater one with auto shut off when it reaches your desire temps works wonders on colder areas


Do NOT do this, but I have a small fish tank heater :grinning: handy in case it starts to get to cold now that winter is coming. I think you can just put it in the tank UNDERwater and it will SLIGHTLY keep it a little warmer. Mine is in a back area and not sure how warm it stays when it is freezing out.

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Hey allgrowers, I’m a bit worried about heated water due to spores and bacteria that already hide in a basement .
The nutrients could also be effected by water that is warm.
Warming the general area would be a lot safer! :eyes::seedling: