I got my results tested from a legit source and some peeps out there don’t wanna give credit where :credit_card: is due but any-hoo, for those who are proud owners of a Grobo this was legit


This is an online community of lovers not haters from what I’ve seen over the last nine months I have known about this site. Haters come and go but don’t last long which I like. There are some very smart growers here and maybe came off wrong? I am happy for your results of 21.5% THC Wow! I only hope my flower produces numbers like that.


Thanks @Wake ,
@Hilario_Leyba , Dont get discouraged!
This is a positive, helpful, learning, sharing, and caring environment and negative, harmful, mean spirited comments and people will not be tolerated!
With that said we are all about research and first hand knowledge! If you feel you have been challenged, debated or questioned in a way that is harmful or hurtful it is not the intent of this forum!
It can sometimes be a lanquage barrier or intent that’s lost in tech translation but dont be bummed out or negatively retort because the champions are here to help!
We know most allgrowers language if you ever feel you can’t get past a comment!
For the most part we have to learn to let everyone add their findings and ideas even if they arent useful or agreeable to you, everyone thinks differently and has different designs and projects, so what might work for one may not work for all! Everyone’s experience is not your own, and you have to be the one to understand it, use it, and work it! Happy growing! :eyes::seedling:


U get a two thumbs up :+1:t2: :+1:t2::dash::seedling: