Harvested Dos Si Dos

Somewhat dismayed, disappointed, underwhelmed, discouraged, but hey time for a new grow!!! Purple Haze it shall be once I figure out how to fix my Grobo. Apparently my air pump died. The water is no longer circulating! Noticed it after I cleaned out the Grobo. Wonder if that was my issue! Anyhow I did manage just shy of an ounce of Bud .92 plus some nice dry clippings and wet clippings:


Hey buddy, congrats on another harvest. Don’t worry about fixing the pump, pick up the one I linked below. From the rear access door pull the clear air tube to the right to remove it from the grobo pump and plug it into your new pump.

Hydrofarm Active Aqua Air Pump, 1 Outlet, 2W, 3.2 L/min Amazon.com


It’s an easy fix bud ! @SWSVIC got u. A lot air pumps with the Grobo die unfortunately.

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Thanks Vic I’ll get to work on that today. I have one on my hydroponic bucket I’m not using, but it’s only one way. I noticed the pump needs two leads…also I harvest Sweet Virginia today so it’s gonna be busy! I’m just worry about the Grobo with mold! I sterilized it twice a few days ago ands it’s running, but I don’t see any bubbles.

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I haven’t planted anything. Just cleaned it out. I might empty out and puts some peroxide solution on that stone. Maybe something is blocking it. Then refill. But I am changing out the pump. Keep you updated

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Also, the air pump turns off if you are not running a recipe :joy:


No worries of the harvest, mate! That looks like some true to strain Do-Si-Dos buds regardless of the weight, from my experience with the strain :slight_smile:

@SWSVIC I have the air pump you recommended here and in other threads on the way so I can change it out before the first grow.

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I’m such an idiot…was working fine till I hit that icon that reads kill grow…didn’t make the connection!!! Thanks Vic still going change pump


Thanks good to hear! Check my Dos Si Do I’m about to give a second flush to today. The pics were fro m 2 days ago:


Damn looking nice! I’ve seen Do-Si-Dos in final harvest form and the buds grow like that along the stems :slight_smile: The good thing is, almost all of those buds will be a nice dense nug!

Looks awesome :slight_smile:

Those are gelatoseeds right? I saw your recommendation from them on another post and bought myself some Blue Dream CBD Kush and Candy Cane Auto seeds from there.

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A real interesting comparison given that I planted Grobo much earlier…

Yes they are from gelatoseeds! That’s all I’ve ever used. Never had any problems…

Nice :slight_smile: Thanks for the recommendation.

The Do-Si-Dos looks really accurate and the genetics of that plant is very tall so it looks the way it should.

I am hoping the same will go for my seeds. They had told me that they couldn’t disclose breeder, but that my Blue Dream CBD were also sold on a reputable seed bank… Not sure what that means, but hey, I see your seeds are working pretty nicely.

I kinda just trust my instincts on the recommendations from you guys on here. I probably could have shopped around for awhile… Hopefully they work out for me :slight_smile:

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Another grower contacted that place and had a similar issue and suggested it gave him a red flag! I don’t know :man_shrugging: they seem to work…I’ve only been growing for a year and to date, which includes Grobo and my two tents, I’ve grown 20 :seedling:. All seeds from this place. It’s been my only :electric_plug: maybe I should shop around! I have a fridge full still…but if it ain’t broke

Well it seems the plants have been doing nice then as far as I’ve seen.

Was that Strawberry Fields from gelato as well then?

Also, I was curious… that plant looked AWESOME with the colors/trichomes … what was your final dry yield from that plant?

No the Strawberry Field was an interesting story. My son lives out West and sent me that seed he had gotten from another dispensary in LA. It was like an hour drive from where he lives now. That was the very first grow I had in Grobo and it spawned a seed. I took that seed and grew a beautiful tent grow out of it that surpassed her mom!!! :joy:

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I think you will be fine with your seeds…:sunglasses:

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Ah, thanks :slight_smile:

Any idea on the yield of that Strawberry Fields? I’m really curious! :slight_smile:

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Yes Grobo was 1.25 and it’s daughter was a little over 2 ounces😋


The seed I got off her and grew in the tent

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