Harvest techniques

So a few questions I’ve come across. Is it better to harvest the whole plant or cut colas to hang? Should you leave the smaller leaves on or cut before drying? If your lights have already gone out, can you still do a drain? Appreciate the feedback!.. and I know some of this boils down to preference.


Hey @Dew

All about preference as you said. I personally cut the colas, trim all the leaves and hang to dry. Once dried the smaller leaves curl up into the bud and I find it harder to do after drying.

If you mean you ended your recipe so the light isn’t on, not sure if the drain works. If it doesn’t just put in a random recipe do the drain then end that grow.


Hey @Azuri
Thanks that’s what I was going to stick to doing but that re-affirmed that so thanks. Also I haven’t ended my grow just yet so even though the lights are off I could still drain I’d imagine especially since I’m past the finish date? She’s ready for harvest!

Yeah I think so it’s just a commend sent to the unit it should drain fine.

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You can drain or fill without a grow. I’ve had issues once I hit 3 drains though.



@fuz said he will not be ((#DryingTheWholeCarcass)) again… He did not like it either… :zipper_mouth_face:

fuz says it made the taste funny… ((Although it could have been just the strain “Budzilla”, but yes the leaves had a lot to do with flavor change))… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: But it still had the “Magic:partying_face:


What didn’t he like about it? Just curious as I’m harvesting this week and was going to do that

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